Since 1995 IFBsoft develops the room and sound system simulation software ULYSSES.
Initially, ULYSSES was only intended for own use in the consulting area of ​​IFBcon, nowadays a sister Company of IFBsoft.

For the daily work in the consulting and planning everyday life at IFBcon it should have the property to be able to produce room models quickly and easily and therein simulation calculations for room acoustics and electro caustics (PA technology) to perform.
For this, speakers and other acoustic sources (sphere sources, human speakers etc.) should be included in the models and level and intelligibility calculations should be possible.

Of course, there were the usual problems as with any software development. But when everything worked out pretty well and ULYSSES soon proved to be a very fast and useful tool, it was followed by ray-tracing, ETC (Energy-Time-Cuve) and several simple auralization possibilities (Auralization, so a kind of virtual reality).

The name ULYSSES (ULYSSES = English name for Odysseus) was the working name of the project and was later retained, after wandering around searching for suitable simulation tools, such as Odysseus, we ended up returning home.

The positive experiences - especially the quick and easy work - prompted IFBcon to make ULYSSES a product. For this purpose IFBsoft GbR was founded in 1997 for licensing. Since then ULYSSES is available for everyone.

ULYSSES is available in German and English, both languages ​​switchable between metric and imperial (meter - feet).
The number of users is increasing, and it is mostly people who really use ULYSSES for their daily work.

We are a little bit proud of that.

A few other small utilities for daily work can be found at freeware , which, as the name suggests, is free.

Many thanks to all who have supported us so far with words and deeds.

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You want to know more or purchase a license?
You need help with ULYSSES or you need a special model for your project?
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