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Important information about ULYSSES

Installation Instructions!!!

Install ULYSSES with administrator privileges if possible.

The ULYSSES Design Engine launches automatically.

Then the license agreement appears.

Close the window with the license agreement, now the user registration (query of the computer identification number "computer ID") appears

If you already have a license for ULYSSES on the current computer, please enter license number in the appropriate fields.
Fill in all the boxes (name, company, etc.) and then press the OK button.

If you do not have a license for ULYSSES on the current computer, please send the displayed computer identification number. "Computer-ID" to info@ifbsoft.de
You can already use ULYSSES as a demo version.
For the demo installation just click on the button "OK">

Now open the demo project in the upper menu bar with> File> open.

You can switch the views with the function keys F1 - F4.

F7 centers the model on the screen and with the arrow keys on your keyboard (cursor keys) you can rotate the model in 3-D view.

Pease find complete installation notes her.

Scope of Installation

The ULYSSES full version and the ULYSSES demo version include all 4 modules of ULYSSES. The design engine, the absorber base, the speaker base and the viewer.

Furthermore, there are ready room models in which changes and calculations can be made. Of course it is also possible to create your own rooms (models).

In addition, an example listener database and an absorber database (acoustic materials) will be installed, too.

Demo-Version, Limitation

The ULYSSES demo version (*) is fully functional except for saving projects.

Functions: Room Models and Room Acoustics

The functions include creating and modifying room models, assigning absorption areas, and calculating reverberation times.

In addition, target reverberation times (RT60) can be specified and the required absorption areas calculated.

If required, various acoustic sources can also be incorporated into the model and sound propagation, intelligibility (STI, ALCons), level distribution, etc. can be calculated.

Ray-tracing and ETC gestures and auralizations are also possible.

Functions: Electro-Acoustics and Sound Systems

The functions include creating and modifying room models, assigning absorption areas and speakers, and calculating reverberation times.

With the loudspeakers positioned in the model, the level distribution of direct and diffused sound, the overall sound pressure level, the intelligibility values ​​z. B. for voice alarm systems according to VDE 0833-4 and EN60849 / EN50849 and other parameters can be calculated.

Calculations of ray tracing and energy time curve (ETC), Schröder integration and auralizations (audible results) are also possible.

Units and Languages

ULYSSES is switchable from metric (metric units such as m) to imperial (US units such as feet) any time.

An ULYSSES version with English user interface is also available. In both language versions, units may be switched from metric units (meters)to imperial (US units such as feet).

Quick Start Guide

ULYSSES Quick-Start-Guide - Download.


ULYSSES-Help Download.

Operating Systems, Hardware, Licensing

Microsoft-Windows Operating Systems

ULYSSES can be installed on all Microsoft Windows 32 and 64 bit operating systems (Win 95 through Win 10).

Mac OS and Linux, Virtual Machines

Of course, ULYSSES also runs on Mac OS and on Linux (with WINE etc.) 32 and 64 bit operating systems as well as on virtual machines.

Low Hardware Requirements

The hardware requirements are minimal. ULYSSES runs on 256MB RAM on almost all processors starting at 486DX. The free space on the hard disk should be at least 500MB.

On modern hardware, the simulation calculations are correspondingly faster. So: the faster the processor, the faster it can be simulated.

A mouse, a trackball, a touchpad, etc., and a keyboard with function keys (F1-F12) are highly recommended because of the input capabilities in the 3D CAD engine!

The graphics card must have at least one high-color card with min. 800x600 pixels.

For auralizations (auditioning), a sound card with 16Bit / 44.1kHz adjustment is required.

Server Operation

ULYSSES must be installed locally and can not be installed or run on a server as a server-client service.


ULYSSES licenses are always assigned to a computer and are tied directly to the hardware of the computer.
Based on your computer identification no. (Computer ID, 4-digit blocks) a matching key is generated exactly for this search. To generate the computer identification no. and the matching license number. become data of the boot sector of your hard disk used.
If you need to format or change the hard disk, or if you want to use another computer, they will change Computer identification number. and you need new, matching license number. This matching license no. need to be special for the "New" or "modified" machine will be generated.
Registered full-version users will only be charged a processing fee for a full calendar year no more licenses are renewed than you own in total.


ULYSSES Licenses are always delivered in 3 packages, i. e. you get at least licenses for 3 computers.
If you need more licenses, 6-er, 9-er 12-er u. s. w. Packages available.
You can find the license fees here

You want to know more or purchase a license?
You need help with ULYSSES or you need a special model for your project?
Just get in touch with us.

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