Speaker Data: theoretical, generic and other source date for Download

Here you can download theoretical,generic and other speaker or source data for your Ulysses software collected by IFBsoft.

ULYSSES Speaker Base

The speaker or sourcedata can be viewed with the Ulysses Speaker builder and inserted into Ulysses models.
Please be sure to note the information below.

Information, Instructions

Please note:

The data collection offered here for download is a service of IFBsoft and does not claim to be complete or correct.

Speaker data is not usually produced by IFBsoft, but by the manufacturers, authorized distributors, or measuring laboratories.
IFBsoft assumes no liability whatsoever for the accuracy, completeness and suitability of the data for certain calculations.

If you do not find certain data here, please contact the manufacturers or distributors of the respective products.
Ulysses Records can only be generated from measurement data according to established laboratories or already existing databases.
To prevent intentional or unintentional changes to the databases, the databasess are protected with a password.

Databases of Speakers and other sources
Download-Link Manufacturer, Source Authorized Web-Link

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